Money Talks : No Money, No Project

The project I am working on is called IM Alive for Android and IOS operating system. It is a mental health support application where you can talk to a therapist or counselor at a time of crisis. I want people to press a simple button immediately be contacted to a crisis support worker or counselor. I want to focus on this type of product because crisis services like this exist in home security, and for the elderly.

Since I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and my project is a passionate one, I need to find a solution to fund my project. In Canada, where I live, there are numerous government run organizations and private firms offering to fund.

OCE, Collaboration Voucher & Talent Edge and The Ontario Media Development Corporation’s Interactive Digital Media Fund (IDM) are the organizations that I would apply to during the initial stages of my project.

The OCE Collaboration Voucher Support start-ups, SMEs, and large companies through projects with Ontario’s publicly funded universities, colleges, and hospitals.  Project outcomes are to include commercialization and increased productivity with significant economic impact for Ontario. This fund is a good fit for my project because of my project’s focus on mental health, correlating to partnerships with hospitals. The project can also benefit research and development in universities on alternative therapeutic solutions for patients suffering from psychiatric ailments.

IDM’s main website is helpful in ensuring the application is correct and offers support during the application process. There are instances where the competition for the IDM due to the high number of applicants and a wide variety of different projects the IDM can fund. Nevertheless,  I will use their assistance in pushing my project to the next level by making by product ready for the market. Their consultation and funding will allow me to hire Canadian developers, copywriter, and graphic designers to develop my project.

I will need to discuss my funding issues with the Business Development of Canada (BDC since it is difficult for small businesses and start-ups to request funding. To receive funding, you would need to provide business records and information and verify all the assets of your organization. When my business become established for two years,  I will use the BDC for additional funding and further business consultation. The site has a good portion of valuable advice, but if needed the BDC will provide you with a consultation from one of their representatives to help build your business.




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