5 reasons why UX is right for me

5. Working as a team to solve problems



Part of working in the UX field is that you get to work with different people to achieve goals. You and your colleagues can form interesting relationships in the field based on similar interests. While everyone has different ideas, collaboration can turn any small project into a masterpiece. Collaboration and creativity is right because you want things to actually work, and having an extra hand in the project is can assure everything works properly.

4. Changing trends in the media

(source :http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/discovering-the-bravame-independent-web-channal/4066445)

Let’s face it. Technology will always progress in the things we do. That’s the same for how we get our news. More people are getting their content from web services, than they are from traditional media. The media landscape is changing to web based applications like Netflix. Consumers are cutting the cable cord and adapting to more online services. Even traditional media platforms have implemented web based services to stream their content. For instance HBO has a service called HBO GO, where you can watch all of your favourite shows on demand, without having tune in to a given time slot. I’ve always wanted to work in the entertainment industry, and the industry is now being geared towards more digital platforms.

3. Creativity



I always have had a creative mindset, meaning I like to express myself in an artitistic perspective. Also, I’m interesting in some programming as well. With having experience graphic apps and programming, I am able to combine the the two skills that I enjoy and achieve my goals.

2. Making Money


(source: https://www.tenor.co/view/makeitrain-time-colbertreport-gif-3970416)

Of course, like every other job, you got to make money to earn a living. Why not make money doing the job you like, instead of working 9-5 at a dead end company? The average pay for a UX designer is around 60K, and a UX director’s salary is 120K! That is good money in my opinion, especially since the career has so many aspects that I find interest in.

1. Always making sure that stuff works


(source: http://giphy.com/gifs/SfYTJuxdAbsVW)

How often have people experienced something that simply crashes or doesn’t work? Or a time when you go to a site or an app and don’t know how to get around? If someone wants to use a website/app then it should be able to function. User Experience puts the user first before anything, and that is the fundamental principle all for Interactive Media. That’s why it’s important to make sure everything goes smoothly!


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