Just Why?

What if you ruined your chances of being with the right woman? What could have been, what fantasies you dreamt of? What if you had the hope of finally escaping from being isolated to yourself? Why did you fall for someone who rarely acknowledges your existence? How did it happen? Why did she play games with me for so long? Why was she being nice so nice to me, or rather, pretending to be nice to me? If she didn’t care about my feelings, then why bother to act as if you didn’t to hurt them? Why was I such an idiot thinking I had a chance with you? Why did you pretend to be my friend? Why did I try to reach out to you and apologize for something that I didn’t do? Why did you lie to me? Why did you complain about being single when you shut off the person, who actually loves you? I’ve got an answer because fuck you that’s why.


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